Press Release: Indonesia Plantation Project Agreement

July 8, 2009

Salt Lake City, July 8, 2009 (Business Wire)-SHI Corporation ("the Company") (Pink Sheets:SHCC) announced today that it's 100% wholly owned operating subsidiary, Ecoindex Co. Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan, has agreed and signed an agreement dated May 21st, 2009, between an Indonesian Government related Company. This was made possible, with the assistance and co-operation with the Indonesian Government.

SHI Corporation, through its operating subsidiary Ecoindex, is engaged in the business for providing solutions to the myriad global warming issues. The Company has identified the Super Paulownia tree as a natural and efficient consumer of damaging carbon dioxide gasses. The Super Paulownia is a beautiful ancient Asian tree that can provide extraordinary hardwood for a variety of products. The trees provide substantial shade and flowers in a wide range of soils and climates. They are extremely fast growing and easily cultivated. The tree grows rapidly and reaches maturity in only four to six years. When harvested, a new tree grows from the remaining stump, thus reducing the complex issues related to replanting.

Ecoindex Co. Ltd. has been conducting a Super Paulownia Plantation in the State of Queensland, Australia, for the past three years with approximately 140,000 trees planted.

Government Sources of Indonesia visited the Plantation in Australia and they are collaborating to establish a way to engage in carbon emission trading and the promotion of the plantation business in Indonesian. Therefore, this agreement was signed.

Ecoindex is going forward with the contracts to keep conducting the project in Indonesia based on this agreement.

The Company will be making further announcements as it expands its operations and when signing new contracts. For more information please visit the website,( )

Release Note: Except for historical information, all of the statements, expectations and assumptions mentioned above are forward-looking statements. The realization of any or all of these expectations are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties and it is possible that the assumptions made may not materialize due to exeternal influences that we cannot control.

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