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Message from Chairman(Yoshikazu Hatayama)

Working to contribute to a better global environment through tree planting

We the SHI Group are a holdings company that contributes to the global environment through partnerships and support to large and small businesses mainly in the environmental sector. With main business locations in the United States and Japan, our broad network also expands to Spain, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Mongolia, South Korea, and Africa.

Our business started with Ecoindex Co., Ltd. and its afforestation activities in Japan. Backed by the growth of this company and its afforestation activities, we sought to contribute to a better global environment and launched the SHI Group in 2009 as a company listed on the US stock market.

While many companies choose to prioritize the economy over the environment in the midst of the recent global recession, we propose a balance of the two as we work with all those around us in our pursuit of affluence for the lives of every human being.
This is no simple deed but everything starts from your one call.
We invite you to walk with us, looking ahead to a bright future.

SHI 畑山社長

SHI Corp.
Yoshikazu Hatayama

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