SHI Group Organization

Most of the SHI Corp. companies are located in Japan. The parent organization, or the central company was Stylex Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Stylex Enterprise Co., Ltd. changed its corporate name to Ecoindex Co., Ltd. as of February 3, 2009.
The former Stylex Enterprise was founded on June 1, 2004 and carried out MLM with homepage building tools as its product. By the end of its recruitment activities in January 2006, the number of agencies had risen to 36,459.
During that time, the company entered the prepaid card system business for the pachinko industry in December 2004 and established Stylex Card Co., Ltd.
The company has shifted to the planning/ development business related to ecological issues.
In June 2005, the company established Gooten Co., Ltd. in an attempt to enter the online shopping mall industry and currently operates "Gooten", the online shopping mall.
In July of the same year, Gooten Partners Co., Ltd. was established as an entry point to credit card issuance business agent. This company changed the name to Yell Co., Ltd. and shifted the sevice to a financial outsorcing business.
As of April 2006, the subsidiary Stylex Enterprise Co., Ltd. launched an MLM business selling business kits which included the Greenship project (rights to plant 3 super paulownia.) The number of supporters (agencies) as of recruitment completion in December 2008 have reached 34,757 and over 120,000 trees have been planted in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia up to this time.

The Super Paulownia (fast growing paulownia) have tremendous growth capabilities, growing into an adult tree in approximately 5 to 6 years. In addition,the tree breathes in tremendous amounts of CO2 during its growth phase in the first 6 years of its life, breathing in approximately 10 times more CO2 than a cedar tree, thus making it the optimum tree for preventing global warming.
We log the trees when it becomes an adult in order to maintain the tree's capability to breathe in CO2. However, there is no need to plant the trees once again since new sprouts grow from the stump of the logged tree.
We are aware of the importance in partnering with domestic and overseas governments, public offices, local governments, and major companies in order expand our Super Paulownia planting activities and currently in the process of shifting the group's overall business objective to environmental businesses.
Setting contribution to the global environment as our ultimate goal, we will seek to expand a new business model with planting of the Super Paulownia as our foundation. Stylex Enterprise Co., Ltd. is scheduled to merge with Ecoindex Co., Ltd. within 2009.

【 The Organization of the Subsidiary Companies|SHI 】

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