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Global warming problem has become a big issue in the world in recent years.
In efforts to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, various energy saving measures are being put in place in various countries. However, the unique idea of actually absorbing the CO2 already emitted into the atmosphere is a new concept.
So, we decided to place our emphasis on capacity the absorption of CO2 by plants-just the way Mother Nature intended and designed.

Super Paulownia

That is a fast growing species of Paulownia, and it was named “Super Paulownia” by our company.
The Super Paulownia grows rapidly and absorbs great amounts of CO2. Furthermore, when it reaches its mature phase (about 4 to 6 years), if it is harvested, a new tree will regenerate from the cut stump.
Therefore, compared to other types of CO2 absorbing plants, Super Paulownia can go through repeat cycles of growth while always absorbing maximum amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.
Moreover, the mature harvested Super Paulownia tree has an independent economic value as timber.
Attention is being garnered for the revolutionary concept that achieves the impossible-helping the environment while also attaining economic value.
While there are a few places where Paulownia is planted and grown for about a ten year period before being harvested as timber, our company is the only company to accelerate the growth of the Super Paulownia tree and practice the planting or foresting of these amazing trees, with a strong emphasis on the environmental benefits above all else.
We would like to explain to you about Super Paulownia.

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The special characteristics of the Super Paulownia. The download of PDF dataDownload.pdf (5.0mb)

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